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Me too, running into the same issue, on my all new MBPR13, running I do, however, have multiple monitors. Yup, me too, and yes, low memory and lots of open Chrome tabs. About every half hour. Close my MacBook lid, immediately reopen and the cursor is visible again. No mouse, just trackpad, and High Sierra Mostly occurs when moving to a new app Sketch to Chrome for instance which is open on a different monitor.

Helpful — This has occurred for me for the first time after many years of using Word for Mac. But it re-occurs when I re-open that. Yes, I have this problem using Excel with Macros. The Macros make the cursor dissapear. Latest version of OS to date. Software is up to date to I have a lot of disk space and memory …. I observed this issue over a long sleep mode.

I confirm. I still have that problem. Very shameful of Apple, who puts all his efforts in appearance, to have own of its most important components to disappear on a regular basis. And even worse, Windows and Linux based system always managed to display the cursor, even when everything else crashed. In fact there are many software problems with the cursor other than this. The easiest way to get the cursor to reappear in this particular situation is to move the mouse to the menu bar, and just press the mouse.

It reappears. Welp, I know this is an old thread, but just to keep the story alive, this just happened to me on the latest version of MacOS High Sierra The Command-Tab trick worked for me. All i needed to do was close the lid and put it to sleep and when I opened the lid the mouse was back. My curser disappeared. I have shut down, when opening the curser is on the screen where my symbol and name appears and I put my password. Once entering my password the new gray screen shows my name and bar loading, after loading, cursor is gone and can not click on my symbol above my name to open.

I have even let the battery run down then plug in and reastart again. I have tried command,alt tab… everything for problem solving on line! Please help me! Thank you Kerry — hitting F3 does it!

I have the same problem. I have OS X el Capitan and what works for me is pressing the F3 key, the cursor reappears immediately.

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This worked for me! Happened again today, March 12, So frustrating. Single click will raise the Apple menu, second click closes the menu. If you have mouse-acceleration on, a fairly quick up-left diagonal movement will be your best assurance of the cursor being firmly in the upper left corner when you stop. Similarly, I find moving the mouse forward so the invisible cursor will be anywhere in the menu bar, then clicking, makes the cursor reappear.

Using the color picker eyedropper always causes the cursor to vanish in El Cap and Sierra, in my experience. I purchased pro on Nov 26th From day 1 itself I have been facing this problem. Really irritating. Can someone help me how to resolve this permanently? Mine is mia upon powering up the computer. Never had this issue with my old iMac, circa I just closed the macbook screen and cursor came back.

No, the disappearing mouse cursor is a bug on the Mac. It is very unlikely to have a keylogger on a Mac unless you install a lot of sketchy apps from sketchy sources. Apple hardware is a marvel; its software demands vulgarity to describe it. Namaste and care, mhikl. Same thing happens on start up, no cursor. I have found if I put my macbook to sleep with the power button and then wake it up the cursor re appears. Very, very anoying bug … for years now. The four fingers up and down on the touchpad is elegant and fast.

Also elegant and very fast if you have your left hand free … :.

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It happens all the time in El Capitan I do not think Apple has the brain power to fix this problem. It has nothing obvious to do with memory or screens as it happens either way. It does seem related to plug-in active in web browsers esp. Flash in Safari , but it also happens when just happened now while writing here using Apple Remote Desktop and changing between remote computer and your own. Easiest way to get the cursor back is like always to go up to the top of the screen and click one of the menus there.

Yes this is my experience too, that Flash triggers it.

Using Chrome instead of Safari seems to do the trick. Move your cursor into the very upper left corner of the screen and click. The Apple menu dropdown should appear along with your mouse. I do this regularly on a handful of different Macs and Macbooks as it happens to me daily, especially while using Synergy. This bug continues unabashedly in El Capitan.

I usually invoke a four finger swipe up or down to get the cursor back in a snap.

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However, this bug has been following me at least since Yosemite perhaps even Mavericks. The cursor disappeared on my old MacBook Pro with an extra screen. I closed a bunch of open tabs in Firefox and my cursor reappeared without even having to close or restart anything. I am on an older system, Macbook Pro 8gig ram, and have always had this problem. Always while using Firefox Not one of these ideas worked for me. Decided to close my laptop and walk away. Came back and mouse returned miraculously! The mouse disappearing still regularly happens on OSX. Hope it helps.

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I have the problem regularly on Yosemite with an iMac 5k. In fact it seems to happen when the cursor has to change wait ball or else and back to normal, but instead of changing, it disappears.

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As I use two monitors, a simple clic in the second monitor, but on another application than the current one, brings it back. Really annoying. I just had a couple of times where this was a problem. Have had it in the past, always with an open FireFox session. The first time I was able to get the cursor to reappear by closing a couple of applications cmd-Tab; cmd-Q.

The second time I got the cursor to reappear with left-click. That will now be my first option, if it recurs. With nothing showing any sluggishness. It also does this on my 21 inch mac. And yes I tend to run a gazillion tabs…my bad.

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April 9th AM.. Cursor disappeared! I quit VLC video player and then tried the cursor size trick and it worked. So for me at least the problem seems tied to VLC, or at least apps that make the cursor disappear. I love all the tricks and shortcuts listed here- but this is insane!

Why do I need a shortcut to find my mouse cursor?! I too have a completely updated Mac, running Yosemite, 8G ram, and the mouse still disappears on one of my two dual monitors occasionally. So, anyone who thinks any of the new updates have fixed this is unfortunately wrong. Just wait long enough, and it will happen again. Why Apple takes soooooooo long to fix what seems to be a simple bug is baffling. There is no explanation for why the cursor disappears other than a bug, and Apple software quality has declined dramatically particularly on the Mac so this is not surprising to see something so small go unfixed for years.

OS X Yosemite is basically still in beta. Same problem here since moving to Yosemite from Mavericks last week. The trick I found to recover is to go to the dashboard.