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It happens when the media player fails to synchronize the subtitle correctly. Here you can adjust the subtitle speed in VLC and get solution to rectify the subtitle synchronization. There are two different ways to adjust subtitle speed of VLC Media Player.
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Use h when the subtitle is faster and you want to slow it down and use g when the subtitle is slower and you want to fasten it. You will be pressing the h and g keys till the subtitle files are synced and then you can keep on enjoying you video watching experience. To prevent make sure you download subtitle file with the same name as you file, the same audio type and the same quality as in p, p, p, 2K, 4K and download subtitle with high Up vote.

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How to Add and Sync Subtitles in VLC Media Player

Quick Navigation. You have to write down the original timing where the subtitles present to be out of order.

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But it is quite exact in syncing the subtitles. The last online tool to resync subtitles you can use is Sync Subs. Sync Subs allows users to sync the subtitles with ease and accuracy. It is only compatible with SRT subtitle format.

What you only need to do is to drag your SRT subtitle file to the tool and then type in the time shirt in seconds and finally download the corrected files then. This tool is quite easy to handle. But it is limited in supported other subtitles formats beside SRT. Sometimes the reason for the unmatched subtitles issues is not only because of the inner production method of subtitles, but also can be traced back to the media player.

If it is falling to this case, then it is time to take a try on other alternative players for VLC. Here, Leawo Blu-ray Player will be the one that you should not miss. As one of the most powerful media players in the past years, it has been welcomed by a lot of movie lovers and disc collectors. This media player is able to present and adjust subtitles based on your own needs.

VLC Media Player – Sync Subtitle to Audio or Video

You can also try to hide the subtitles during the playback without affecting the video content. Besides, its ability in decrypting the region codes of DVD and Blu-ray discs. For the details, please refer to the following steps. Then you can watch the movie immediately in Leawo Blu-ray Player. The most important part of Leawo Blu-ray Player you may have great interest is the availability in adjusting subtitles which is here to successfully avoid the unmatchable problems in the video tracks.

The steps on how to adjust subtitles in Leawo Blu-ray Player can be found below.

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Step 2: Set subtitles. After loading the video file to the player, the video will be played automatically. During the playback, you can move mouse to the title area. Then you could see 4 icons.

Add Subtitles in VLC Media Player

Step 3: More subtitle settings. If you have further requirements in setting the subtitles, then you can turn to other ways.

Click the option, then you can set the subtitle font, size, color and subtitle location etc. Well, the answers can be quite clear by referring to the above article.

How to Delay Subtitles in VLC Media Player - VLC windows and Android Tips

It is quite difficult to figure out the exact reasons for the failure of unmatched subtitles with the video track. However, in order to solve the problem, what you only need to do is to resync the subtitles with the help of some additional tools.

If you prefer a more convenient way, then the online tools mentioned above can be your good option. Free download Leawo. Download Download. VLC Subtitle Delay? Hot Topic.

Adjust/Sync VLC Subtitle Delay

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